Battery Episode 01-11 [BATCH] Subtitle Indonesia

Posted by Ramdhani Gremory
Released on 27 September 2016


Alternative Titles
☆ Japanese : バッテリー

☆ Type : TV
☆ Episodes : 11
☆ Status : Finished Airing
☆ Aired : Jul 15, 2016 to Sep 23, 2016
☆ Premiered : Summer 2016
☆ Broadcast : Fridays at 00:55 (JST)
☆ Producers : Aniplex, Dentsu, Kadokawa Shoten,Fuji TV, Kyoraku Industrial Holdings, Kansai Telecasting Corporation
✩ Licensors : Unknown
✩ Studios : Zero-G
✩ Source : Novel
☆ Genres : Drama, Slice of Life, Sports
☆ Duration : 23 min. per ep.
☆ Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
© Credit : AWSubs
© Convert & Upload : Ramdhani Gremory
© Posted by : Ramdhani Gremory

Bertemu Takumi Harada-bahkan di SMP dan dia pitcher terbaik di wilayah ini, meskipun dia frustrasi dan siap untuk menyerah, karena ia tidak dapat menemukan penangkap yang cukup baik untuk bersaing dengan bagaimana ia melakukan pitch di kota terpencil ini keluarganya baru saja pindah. Kemudian datanglah seorang anak bernama Gou Nagakura …

Theme Song
→ Opening
1. “Itsuka no Jibun (いつかの自分)” by anderlust
→ Ending
1. “Ashita, Haru ga Kitara(明日、春が来たら)” byanderlust

Download All Episode

Episode 01
mHD → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
240p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
360p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
480p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]

Episode 02
mHD → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
240p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
360p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
480p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]

Episode 03
mHD → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
240p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
360p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]
480p → [GS] / [DU] / [SF]

Battery Episode 04 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]

Battery Episode 05 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]

Battery Episode 06 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]

Battery Episode 07 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [DU] / [SF]

Battery Episode 08 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]

Battery Episode 09 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]

Battery Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]

Battery Episode 11 [END] Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [NF] / [UF] / [SF]

Battery Episode 01-11 [BATCH] Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [GD] / [NF] / [UF]
360p = [GD] / [NF] / [UF]
480p = [GD] / [NF] / [UF]

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