Long Riders! Episode 01-12 [END] Subtitle Indonesia

Posted by Ramdhani Gremory
Released on 8 Februari 2017


Alternative Titles
☆ Synonyms : Longriders!
☆ Japanese : ろんぐらいだぁす!

☆ Type : TV
☆ Episodes : Unknow
☆ Status : Currently Airing
☆ Aired : Oct 8, 2016 to ?
☆ Premiered : Fall 2016
☆ Broadcast : Saturdays at 21:00 (JST)
☆ Producers : Lantis, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan
✩ Licensors : Unknown
✩ Studios : Actas
✩ Source : Manga
☆ Genres : Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life, Sports
☆ Duration : 23 min.
☆ Rating : PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
© Credit : Samehadaku
© Convert & Upload : Ramdhani Gremory
© Posted by : Ramdhani Gremory

Ami Kurata, seorang mahasiswa tahun pertama di sebuah Universitas yang tak memiliki kemampuan atletik. Dia tiba-tiba jatuh cinta pada sepeda lipat setelah melihatnya di depan stasiun kereta. Terinspirasi oleh cinta baru, dia mulai menabung untukmembeli dan belajar sepeda.

Theme Song
→ Opening
1. “♡㎞/h” by Ray
→ Ending
1. “Happy Ice Cream! (ハッピーアイスクリーム!)” by Ami Kurata (Nao Touyama), Aoi Niigaki(CV: Hiromi Igarashi), Honako Saijou (CV: Rumi Ookubo), Yayoi Ichinose (Yurika Kurosawa), Saki Takamiya (Yoko Hikasa)

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Long Riders! Episode 01 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

Long Riders! Episode 02 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

Long Riders! Episode 03 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [UF] / [SF] / [MC]
240p = [UF] / [SF] / [MC]
360p = [UF] / [SF] / [MC]
480p = [UF] / [SF] / [MC]

Long Riders! Episode 04 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [NF] / [UF] / [MC]
240p = [NF] / [UF] / [MC]
360p = [NF] / [UF] / [MC]
480p = [NF] / [UF] / [MC]

Long Riders! Episode 05 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

Long Riders! Episode 06 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
240p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
360p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
480p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]

Long Riders! Episode 07 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
240p = [ZS] / [UP] / [MC]
360p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
480p = [ZS] / [GD] / [MC]

Long Riders! Episode 08 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [SF] / [MC] / [ZS]
240p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
360p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]
480p = [ZS] / [SF] / [MC]

Long Riders! Episode 09 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

Long Riders! Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

Long Riders! Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

Long Riders! Episode 12 [END] Subtitle Indonesia


mHD = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
240p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
360p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]
480p = [MC] / [UF] / [SF]

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Long Riders! Episode 01-12 [END] Subtitle Indonesia Discussion

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